Montes Azules (Lacandon Jungle)

It is the largest area of evergreen forest of the country, its preservation is vital to maintain our biodiversity and ecosystem services.
Montes Azules Reserve can be divided into two major regions: the western and northern part is a karst mountainous region that includes some ravines and valleys separated by mountains of average height, and limestone plateau lakes that drain subter ráneamente, forming endorheic basins the lakes themselves. The other portion of the Reserve consists of lowland terrain and limited partially flooded, whose altitude ranges from 80 to 200 m above sea level, with some hills. The region is geologically young and has a complex landscape, product interactions geological, geographical and biotic factors.
Montes Azules Reserve also has a higher proportion of species at risk than would be expected by chance. This means that it is complying well with their role of protecting biodiversity, since most species and protected stan expected to inhabit the reserve. In Montes Azules are some of the latest still viable for many species with great ecological, socioeconomic and ecotourism attractions such as the jaguar, scarlet macaw, harpy eagles and tapirs Mexican populations. The book gives us one of the last opportunities in Mexico to conserve and utilize such important parts of the national patrimony how are you species.

Sumidero Canyon

The relevance of the barrel of the sump is such that part of the Coat of Chiapas. For its unique beauty and historical significance, the icon of Chiapas is nominated for one of the "New 7 Natural Wonders" sole representative of Mexico in this international competition.

Sima of the Parrots

In the area surrounding the Biosphere Reserve, Selva El Ocote, is a nature reserve with a large land area, considered high forest and which, together with Chimalpas region in Oaxaca and Veracruz Uxpanapa in the second forest most important tropical Mexico for its size, its biodiversity and its great ecological and geological relevance resulting in "Sima of the Parrots" a cavity of limestone, 140 meters deep.

Activities / attractions

You can rappel down the circular cavity (Sima of the Parrots) 180 meters in diameter and 125 deep, to see 33 paintings reflected in its white rocks, where they sleep hundreds of parrots at dawn come in ascending circles to return at night. In addition, hiking for several scenic overlooks.


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